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Learning Telescope

Learning Telescope provides a unique platform for students, educational and financial institutes to interact with each other in a most economical way by giving choices from the best institute and course options in optimal time.

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learning telescope

VM3 has developed this product by interacting with students, institutes, education advisors and financial institutes.

Unique features of learning telescope for students are listed below:
  1. Search and compare course/institute.
  2. Sort courses based on the course name, city, fees, institute name and facilities.
  3. Contact multiple institutes with one enquiry form.
  4. Get details of an education loan facility from multiple financial institutes at one place.
  5. Provide course/institute feedback.
  6. Get the latest education field news.
  7. Find opportunities for projects and internship.
The Success of the Product:
  1. Number of Courses Displayed on Portal: 7.5k+
  2. Number of Institutes Displayed on Portal: 2.3k+
  3. Total Traffic So Far: 305k+
  4. Number of Registered Users: 1.3k+
  5. Tie Up With 75+ Colleges for Sharing Their News, Admission Vacancies and Student Interface
  6. Arranged Internship for Students of About 15 Colleges


Internscope (internscope.com) is developed mainly to address the need of students for internship application. It provides an interactive platform, where students and candidates of 0-3 years of experience can apply for internship and entry-level jobs. This site is fully developed and maintained by intern students of VM3 Tech Solutions LLP under the guidance of experienced staff. We have arranged an internship of about 50 students from 15 different colleges.

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